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Online Fitness Coaching
For NEW DADS over 35

Online Fitness Coaching with Lewis Robinson Fitness specialises in helping NEW DADS of OVER 35, getting YOU back to where YOU used to be and NOW want to be....


So you used to be fit and active, you trained regularly and it was a major part of your lifestyle? BUT that all changed after the arrival of let's face it, the greatest moment that any guy can experience and without doubt the greatest achievement in life - becoming a dad.


From the moment you become a dad everything changes, your priorities change, your focus changes, your motivation changes and this happened to me even at the ripe old age of 42. 

BUT eventually there comes a time and PERSONAL circumstance does dictate where you can begin to transition back to how you used to look and feel good doing what you love.

I know what it’s like to lose MOMENTUM and hence MOTIVATION (and it isn’t always through choice but by making SACRIFICES) then find a way to start again. It’s TOUGH and that’s coming from someone who has trained for 30 years and been a Fitness Professional for 18 years of that! BUT I have managed to do it. 

All our circumstances differ, from the support networks we are able to rely on, to the work/life balance we have, right down to the number of ‘QUALITY' hours of sleep we can afford ourselves each night.

And this will dictate how much time (in the short, medium and long term) you can commit to ‘GETTING IN THE GYM’ or 'smashing out a HOME WORKOUT'. Whether it’s 30 mins a week or an hour a day, you will all be different but with the right goals in place FOR YOU and the right mindset YOU can get back to where YOU once were - (I currently get in the gym twice a week myself but with the current state of play in my life I’m comfortable with that)

So what I do is put the programming and support in place via my RESTART program to help NEW DADS like YOU to get YOU back to where YOU were before and NOW want to be. 


With me by your side, not only will you be guided throughout the whole process, you will have access to the 'NEW DADS over 35' app where you can keep track of your programming and nutrition (and that way I have ways of keeping track and holding you accountable).

There will also be a community section where fellow new dads can share experiences and banter with monthly recognition/acknowledgement not just for achievement but for signs of perseverance and overcoming challenges that life may throw our way. 

So what do you need to do? 

Check out below what you will need to commit to in being part of the RESTART program. I only take on a limited number of new dads each month so if you think you are up for it, hit the button below to receive an application form and lets see if we can get this exciting journey of rediscovery started….

The RESTART Program

For the RESTART Program to be a SUCCESS YOU will need to consider and always bear in mind the following

  1. RE-ESTABLISH -  what MOTIVATES you and RESET your THINKING to help overcome any BARRIERS to CHANGE

  2. EMBRACE - the PROCESS  and BELIEVE in it

  3. SCIENCE - No bunsen burners or goggles required, everything that goes into the RESTART program comes from the SCIENCE of WEIGHT TRAINING and NUTRITION with NO guess work

  4. TRANSFORM -  FEEL and SEE the changes PHYSICALLY and MENTALLY as you progress through your program to YOUR END RESULT

  5. ACCOUNTABILITY- get the results YOU WANT  but  you will need to take full responsibility in ensuring you are able to overcome any barriers you face, if not I will want to know why

  6. RE-DISCOVER- the LOST YOU as part of the NEW YOU

  7. TENACITY - You have to be DETERMINED , PERSISTENT and COMMITTED. The RESTART PROGRAM is not a short term or quick fix but a MINIMUM 12 weeks after which you WILL WANT to carry on

With Online Fitness Coaching you will have FULL ACCESS  via our APP to your BESPOKE Training Program and Nutrition Package along with Lifestyle and Wellness Advice with ongoing E-mail and Video Call Support

Again I only take on a number of NEW DADS at a time so to see if you are ready to RESTART, click the Let's Chat Button below to receive an Application form and lets get this journey STARTED....

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