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Your Fitness and Well-being Guide

I got into the Fitness Profession late on in my 20's after becoming disillusioned with my supposed career. When I sat down and thought about my strengths and weaknesses, my interests and most importantly what I enjoyed - Fitness is what I decided to do.

No doubt my active childhood through competitive swimming was always going to end up leading me down this career path - I would train five nights a week and then race at weekends. This also helped with my mid distance running at school where I competed at county level in 800m and 1500m in the summer and Cross Country in the winter. My first Gym Session with weights was at 11 years old (it was the 80's after all) and my fascination and interest in training really started from there. 

As a Level 4 Qualified Personal Trainer through WABBA (World Amateur Bodybuilding Association) my areas of study have included Advanced Nutrition, Weight Training and Kinesiology, Anatomy and Physiology, Sports Specific Training, Fitness Assessments and Cardio Vascular Principles Training.

These qualifications are the most in-depth of their type in the Industry and have given me the knowledge to help hundreds of people in both the UK and Middle East to improve their health and lifestyle through the science of Weight Training and Nutrition - regardless of their background, culture, goals, experience and fitness levels.

By also being a Level 3 Exercise Referral Practitioner, this has also allowed me to help countless people to overcome disabilities, debilitating conditions and barriers to change (mentally and physically) to adapt and adopt a healthier and more positive lifestyle.

This career of mine has seen me as a Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer, Business Operator, Fitness Manager and Health Club Manager for more than 17 years and in that time I have come to believe that we all make our own luck in this world and the same can be said for Your Fitness.

So why am I sharing all of this with you - (if you have managed to get this far I salute you)? It's simple really . Everyone can have a goal in mind, a desire or a need to get somewhere with fitness but not everyone can forge a plan, put it in place and stick to it. There are barriers that we all put up physically and mentally (rightly or wrongly) and what I can do is help you to work around these, or Bulldoze straight through them!

Hit the Chat Button and lets see if we can get your journey started....


WABBA (World Amateur Bodybuilding Association) Fitness Trainer Education Program

WABBA Level 4 Personal Trainer

WABBA Level 3 Senior Instructor

WABBA Level 3 Fitness Instructor

Activ-IQ Level 3 Exercise Referral Diploma

Boxercise Coach 


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