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Miracles aren’t a thing and changes don’t happen within a week. Motivation and willpower go a long way, add the right guidance to the mix and you’ll get results behind your expectations.

I have trained with Lewis a long time. When I started I was looking for some extra motivation to get through the boredom of my daily workout and hoping to get some results without much effort. Well, that didn’t happen. Instead, I’ve found my long lost love for exercise. Lewis taught me much along the way. He changed my way of training and shared his knowledge and passion with me. I couldn’t squat an unweighted bar without aching for days, let alone a whole leg day.. ended up squatting twice my bodyweight wanting more. My strength went up the roof in a few months and so did my self confidence.

There is much to say about our time training, which I really miss.

If you’re looking for a change, to have fun and laughter through some tough sessions, and someone to push you over your limits, there you have it.

Two years later I’m still training and have no intention of stopping.

Thank you Lewis!

Paolo Saporetti


I had spent much time failing to progress beyond a basic level with my fitness in my local gym for a number of years, so I finally decided that I needed a personal trainer. I engaged Lewis to plan my progress to the next level, his determination and focus allowed me to learn techniques that enhanced my fitness through weight training and floor exercises.

The results I saw after 8 weeks were amazing in comparison to the activity I was failing to progress on my own.

Most importantly the change brought some fun into my activities which enhanced my commitment and to this day I continue to use Lewis's core training plan as the basis to my fitness training.

A brilliant trainer and an asset to the profession, I cannot recommend him highly enough!

Jim Warner


I was looking for someone to help and motivate me to get back in the gym as it had been a while and encourage me to make some positive lifestyle choices. 

My Goals were to lose a little bit of weight around the waist whilst toning up.

My passion is golf and I needed a trainer who recognized this and who could help me with my goals whilst improving my golf performance.

I found Lewis who understood exactly what I wanted and knew exactly how to achieve it.

I worked with Lewis twice a week for over two and a half years and I found his knowledge and professionalism to be second to none. He not only helped me to achieve my goals but he helped me to surpass them, also encouraging me to make the positive lifestyle changes I wanted.

I continue to train to this very day, motivated by the mindset that Lewis installed in me and I cannot rate him highly enough as a Personal Trainer and Fitness Professional.

Beej Patel


Lewis is the ultimate professional.

He is well qualified, experienced and knowledgeable offering assisted exercise programs specific to my individual needs as well as dietary advice and well-being support.

As an elderly lady with no prior experience of exercise and with a prior back problem I was reluctant to attend a public gym.

Lewis came to my home on a regular basis to show and help me with the exercises I could use to gain strength and stamina whilst protecting my back problem.

He always explained the exercise carefully so that i understood what I was doing and why.

Between us I achieved my goal and continue to maintain the incredible levels of exercise I attained with Lewis's help.

Val Crampton


I would like to start by thanking Lewis for helping me to start believing in myself and reassure me that my fitness and weight loss goals were not only realistic and achievable, but also really straightforward to maintain. 

With a friendly professional manner and approach, Lewis listened to my ideas, taking into account my weaknesses in my left shoulder and my knees, and designed a fitness and nutritional plan that was flexible and simple to follow. 

I had been on many diets and while they worked in the short term were not maintainable in the long term. 

To summarise, I would be more than happy to recommend Lewis to anyone who is thinking about getting a bit of help, support and guidance regarding getting fitter, or losing a bit of weight, adding muscle or simply discussing these and or any goals for health and well-being. 

Paul Knight


When I first met Lewis it was at a time when I was overweight, no strength left , no flexibility & most importantly no Mojo my health was suffering. I needed to do something. initially we arranged sessions over a month. it's now November. I've lost a stone in weight, my strength has returned,I've got most of my flexibility back,I'm doing my own sessions. my mojo is back & my blood pressure has dropped to normal levels all thanks to Lewis. Initially Lewis put together a tailor-made program for me starting with the basics & building on that. His attention to detail is brilliant & helps with the correct techniques & stretching exercises so there's no risk of injury. This friendly chap is highly recommended & I look forward continuing our relationship & building on my strengths & flexibility & perhaps shedding another stone in weight. Thanks Lewis for your continuing support.

Mark Phillips

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